Update:  GuidryNews.com status

Audience Advisory: May 3, 2019

“Though this interruption of service to our audience is unfortunate and
inconvenient, I continue to work toward launching the new iteration of
GuidryNews.com very soon. Thanks to all who have expressed your
concern and eagerness to once again start and end your days with
our reports.” - My best, Lynda Guidry

Audience Advisory: April 15, 2019

Guidry News Service owner, Lynda Guidry is in talks with potential new
owners who are eager to take up the mantle of delivering high-quality
information to our very high-caliber audience with minimum interruption.

"I'm very optimistic that the service our loyal audience has supported for
more than two decades will soon be restored under new leadership and with my
blessing. So many of you have expressed dismay at the events of the past
month and offered encouragement to persevere.  I am very grateful and
confident that `this too shall pass',  Thank you!"  ~ Lynda Guidry

Audience Advisory: On March 18, 2019 Guidry News Service suspended
publication on GuidryNews.com due to a cyber-attack, demanding ransom.

That site has been abandoned and all ties with the hosting company were

We are now looking into the best way to proceed in developing the new
iteration of GuidryNews.com, which is now housed with our new host.

Owner, Lynda Guidry, is seeking parties interested in investing in Guidry
News Service and its bright new future, in spite of these unfortunate

Contact Lynda Guidry at lynda@guidrynews.com <mailto:lynda@guidrynews.com>
or call us at 409.763.NEWS (6397) for more information.

Please check back for updates on our progress.

Thank you!