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Jim Guidry Commentaries

November 02, 2015 -- Guidry News Service Publisher Jim Guidry has posted an update regarding his return to home and office. More
July 08, 2015 -- Today marks the 19th anniversary of the launch of Guidry News Service. More
May 03, 2015 -- Former United States Ambassador to Qatar Chase Untermeyer, who is writing a series of books based on a daily journal he has kept since he was nine years old, on Friday visited with Jim Guidry about his writing. More
April 20, 2015 -- The Kinder Institute at Rice University last week hosted a forum of current or former mayors of three different cities, who shared stories about their administrations. More
February 23, 2015 -- Jim Guidry has published a review of “Surrounded by Death and Destruction – The 1900 Galveston Hurricane Diary of Emelise Carson”, a self-published novel by Olivia Orbringer, a high school student in Indiana. More
January 26, 2015 -- Jim Guidry has published a commentary on the City of Galveston's lack of participation in the Houston-Galveston Area Council. More
January 10, 2015 -- Jim Guidry has posted a commentary on President Barack Obama's proposal to provide free community college education to all students in the United States, and its probable negative impact on a working Universal Access program in Galveston. More
January 07, 2015 -- Jim Guidry reports on anti-terrorist precautions he witnessed in Paris during a recent stopover in France on the way to The Netherlands. More
January 05, 2015 -- Jim Guidry has published a review of Henry Sampson and the Great Galveston Storm, a historical novel by William Merrell. More
December 15, 2014 -- Jim Guidry has posted a review of "A State of Treason" by David Thomas Roberts. More
November 13, 2014 -- Officials in the Netherland recently had occasion to begin the process of closing their storm barriers due to the threat of a large surge from a storm in the North Sea. More
August 22, 2014 -- Victor Lang was one of those guys of whom I like to say about, “they broke the mold and then they made Victor". More
August 04, 2014 -- From the Archives: Jim Guidry shares recordings from the early 1970's in Houston, including the vote to locate the Summit sports arena, interviews with "beggers" on the streets, and a visit with Morris the Cat. More
July 27, 2014 -- Jim Guidry has posted a review of some choice options for Cajun food in Houston and Southeast Texas. More
July 07, 2014 -- Jim Guidry has posted comments on dining opportunities available in Houston. More
May 31, 2014 -- Jim Guidry has posted recollections about the end of one economic development corporation in 1997 and the launch of a new initiative in Galveston County that same year. More
May 12, 2014 -- Jim Guidry has posted thoughts on Saturday's election of Jim Yarbrough as Mayor of Galveston. More
April 26, 2014 -- Jim Guidry uses a whimsical excuse to put a video of the Keystone Cops on More
March 17, 2014 -- Jim Guidry has offered a suggestion to election officials intended to improve their communication with the news media as well as voters and taxpayers. More
March 10, 2014 -- Jim Guidry reviews his experiences with election returns throughout the years and contemplates improvements for the future. More
January 03, 2014 -- Jim Guidry has published his comments on Houston Mayor Annise Parker's call for a new regional meeting to move forward on storm surge protection on the Texas Gulf Coast. More
December 23, 2013 -- David Feldman of Long Island New York recently interviewed Jim Guidry via Skype. Feldman, who operates LongIslandNY.TV, a news website covering his area, is publishing a series of articles and interviews regarding the length of time it is taking for the recovery from Superstorm Sandy. More
December 10, 2013 -- Environmental attorney Jim Blackburn has posted his annual Holiday Coastal Update about several projects on the Texas Gulf Coast. More
October 25, 2013 -- Galveston County Daily News Publisher Patrick Graham has filed his official written protest of Galveston County Commissioners Court's award of a contract to The Post Newspaper in Texas City for publishing public notices. More
September 09, 2013 -- A delegation of public officials from Harris and Galveston counties visited New Orleans last week to tour the Greater New Orleans Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System that was installed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers following Hurricane Katrina. More
August 23, 2013 -- Jim Guidry reports that two former associates, who helped launch Guidry News Service as a major source of news on the Gulf Coast, have rejoined the team. More
August 06, 2013 -- Jim Guidry has posted comments on "Blogs and Social Media". More
July 08, 2013 -- Today is the 17th anniversary of the launch of Guidry News Service as a provider of news on the Gulf Coast. More
June 21, 2013 -- Several entities covered by Guidry News Service which are involved in transportation/rail projects have similar names and missions. Jim Guidry has prepared an analysis of the entities. More
June 06, 2013 -- Jim Guidry has posted a commentary on first named storm of the 2013 Hurricane Season, which has formed in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. More
May 25, 2013 -- From the Archives: General James H. Doolittle and astronaut Alan Shepherd met with Houston reporters in 1977, to talk about fundraising for the Lindbergh Foundation and also to recall the famous mission by Doolittle's Raiders in 1942. More
April 25, 2013 -- Jim Guidry has published a commentary in response to questions about the Forum. More
March 10, 2013 -- Jim Guidry proposes that the loss of one hour in the switch to Daylight Saving Time should be moved from 2 a.m. Sunday to 4 p.m. Monday. More
November 23, 2012 -- FROM THE ARCHIVES: In September 2001, a 10-foot six-inch alligator turned up in the canals of Bayou Vista and caused a great deal of excitement. More
November 05, 2012 -- Jim Guidry disagrees with those who believe that discussion of flood gates for New York Harbor in the wake of Hurricane Sandy will have a negative impact on the campaign for an Ike Dike on the Texas Gulf Coast. More
November 01, 2012 -- Jim and Lynda Guidry have posted "Kudos to Patron Technology" in recognition of the steps taken by the Midtown Manhattan business to assure that Gulf Coast E-news was distributed without interruption during and after Hurricane Sandy. More
September 04, 2012 -- Jim Guidry has published a review of Tom Linton's book How the Parks of Galveston County Got Their Names. Review
August 21, 2012 -- Vicki H. Locatto, a victim of the ammonia truck accident in Houston in 1976 has commented on a Guidry News Service article about the incident. More
June 05, 2012 -- David Murphy has posted a comment on Jim Guidry's analysis of the management of the City of Houston by Mayor Annise Parker More
June 04, 2012 -- Jim Guidry has posted a commentary on the management of the City of Houston under the leadership of Mayor Annise Parker. More
April 16, 2012 -- Jim Guidry has posted comments on Galveston's hurricane preparedness program and the upcoming municipal election. More
April 16, 2012 -- Guidry News Service made some changes in the MENU navigation designations for More
March 23, 2012 -- "The Paradigms They Are A Changin'" is an essay by Jim Guidry about the replacement of television with the Internet in his home and office. More
February 08, 2012 -- As Gulf Coast ports prepare for the expansion of the Panama Canal, East Coast ports appear to be engaged in infighting and regional competition. Jim Guidry has posted a commentary on the issue. More
February 06, 2012 -- The two men who were convicted of the abduction of Shelley Sikes in 1986, are currently serving 40 year (life) sentences, but both are eligible for parole soon. This report includes an appeal from Sikes' sister for help in opposing the parole and some recordings from the Guidry News Service archives at the time of the search for Sikes' body. From the Archives
September 18, 2011 -- Jim Guidry has posted a commentary applauding last week's Technical Workshop and Symposium for the Gulf Coast Community Protection and Recovery District hosted by Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership which brought together engineers, environmentalists and elected officials from throughout the Gulf Coast Region to discuss storm surge protection. More
August 01, 2011 -- From the Archives: Guidry News Service Publisher Jim Guidry has posted a recording from Houston City Council in 1972, when Council Member Johnny Goyen complained about the lack of enforcement of laws regulating emissions from trucks on the city's freeways. More
July 08, 2011 -- This is the 15th Anniversary of Guidry News Service, which was founded on Galveston Island on July 8, 1996. More
June 17, 2011 -- Last month was the 35th anniversary of the ammonia truck accident at the interchange of Houston’s Southwest Freeway and Loop 610 that killed six people and injured more than 175 others. More
June 03, 2011 -- FROM THE GUIDRY NEWS SERVICE ARCHIVES: In 1994 Buddy Herz, chair of the Galveston Economic Development Corporation, spoke to the Rotary Club of Galveston Island. More
May 22, 2011 -- This is Hurricane Preparedness Week in Texas, prompting Jim Guidry to post a comment in support of the proposed "Safe Room" being considered by Galveston City Council. More
May 06, 2011 -- Jim Guidry has published an explanation of why Guidry News Service did not cover two emergency meetings of Jamaica Beach City Council this week. More
May 05, 2011 -- Jim Guidry has posted a commentary on the recent developments at Galveston City Hall, including the termination of former city manager Steve LeBlanc and the appointment of Brian Maxwell as interim city manager. More
April 10, 2011 -- From the Guidry News Archives: Galveston’s Hotel Galvez, which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year, held a big party 25 years ago for the 75th Anniversary which Jim Guidry covered as news director of KGBC Radio. Archived Report
February 20, 2011 -- Jim Guidry reports on Grand Réveil Acadien, the Great Acadian Awakening, a one week gathering of Acadians from around the world that will be held in Louisiana in October; and includes an account of a Guidry cousin who fought at the Battle of San Jacinto. More
December 28, 2010 -- Jim Guidry has reviewed Specific Impulse, a science fiction thriller written by Charles Justiz. More
November 04, 2010 -- Jim Guidry offers congratulations to the Republicans who won control of the Galveston County Courthouse on Tuesday, and recalls a similar Repubican Revolution in Harris County in 1974. More
October 28, 2010 -- Jim and Lynda Guidry attended the 50 year reunion of the Class of 1960 of Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur. More
August 23, 2010 -- Jim Guidry has posted an essay in support of the re-election of Galveston County Judge Jim Yarbrough. More
August 15, 2010 -- Although Galveston residents were assured on January 22, 2009 that the island was safe, the University of Texas Medical Branch on Tuesday will host a workshop to focus on toxins left by Hurricane Ike. Jim Guidry has posted a commentary on the issue. More
July 12, 2010 -- Jim Guidry has posted an essay about some significant changes on Galveston Island. More
July 05, 2010 -- This week, on July 8, 2010, we at Guidry News Service are celebrating our 14th anniversary of publishing news of the Gulf Coast Region, first via fax to Galveston subscribers, then through the Internet to a world-wide audience. More
June 18, 2010 -- The City of Galveston reports that Swagit, the company contracted to provide live Streaming Video of city council meetings on the Internet, as well as archived recordings of previous meetings, is nearing completion of the installation of equipment. More
May 22, 2010 -- Former Galveston mayor Barbara Crews took issue with Jim Guidry's remarks concerning former city manager Bern Ewert in his commentary published on May 17. More
May 17, 2010 -- Jim Guidry has posted a commentary on the new majority on Galveston City Council. More
April 16, 2010 -- Jim Guidry has posted a commentary on choices Galveston voters face in the May 8 municipal election. More
March 30, 2010 -- Guidry News Service was first to publish Dr. Bill Merrell's proposed storm surge system - a series of seawalls and flood gates to protect Galveston Bay - less than two months after Hurricane Ike devastated Galveston Island, the Bolivar Peninsula and other coastal communities with its massive storm surge. More
March 22, 2010 -- The City of Galveston is moving toward a system to provide streaming video of its city council meetings but Guidry News Service will continue to provide the service for a while longer. More
January 05, 2010 -- The owners of KGBC AM 1540 in Galveston have announced that they have abandoned their attempt to restore the station as a viable source of local news and entertainment. Jim Guidry, who was news director of the radio station in the 1980s and '90s has published a commentary. More
October 09, 2009 -- Guidry News Service Publisher Jim Guidry has posted an update on a new solicitation for sponsors to continue Streaming Video of Galveston City Council meetings on More
September 08, 2009 -- Jim Guidry has posted a review of "Rough & Tumble Texas Political Combat" by former state representative Lloyd Criss, Jr. More
July 05, 2009 -- Guidry News Service is celebrating its 13th Anniversary this week. Jim Guidry has posted some thoughts on the occasion. More
May 11, 2009 -- Guidry News Service Publisher Jim Guidry comments on the policy of the City of Galveston to ban the media from Hurricane Preparedness Meetings. More
April 12, 2009 -- Guidry News Service has been recognized three times in recent weeks for our coverage of the landfall of Hurricane Ike on September 13 and for serving as the public information office for the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management during the two weeks following the storm. More
March 23, 2009 -- Guidry News Service Publisher Jim Guidry is publishing a series of essays on his 25 years in Galveston. This is a report on Galveston County Government. More
March 16, 2009 -- Jim Guidry, co-owner of Guidry News Service with his wife Lynda, is publishing a series of essays on Galveston government on the eve of their move to Houston. More
March 02, 2009 -- Jim Guidry, co-owner of Guidry News Service with Lynda Guidry, reports that they are moving headquarters and home to Midtown Houston in late March. More
February 26, 2009 -- Guidry News Service publisher Jim Guidry is appealing to Galveston City Council to post notice of's Streaming Video of city council meetings on Comcast Channel 16 and on the front page of the city's website. More w/audio
December 19, 2008 -- Guidry News Service Publisher Jim Guidry declined membership on the Communications Committee of the Galveston Long Term Recovery Committee and explains his reasons. More
November 13, 2008 -- Publisher Jim Guidry, at Wednesday's meeting of the Galveston County Mayors and Councilmembers' Association, proposed legislation that would designate county judges in Texas as the primary decision makers during emergencies such as Hurricane Ike. More
October 02, 2008 -- This is an update on the operation of Guidry News Service since Hurricane Ike ravaged the Gulf Coast Region, and a message of thanks to our associates who have helped us to continue to provide information throughout these trying times. More
September 17, 2007 -- Guidry News Service Publisher Jim Guidry has posted an editorial concerning the City of Galveston's response to the threat of tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico. More
July 08, 2007 -- Sunday was the 11th anniversary of the publication of Galveston Fax, which launched Guidry News Service as a regional news service -- covering posted public meetings and special events in the Gulf Coast Region. Commentary
May 27, 2007 -- What If?, A Memorial Day Essay by Jim Guidry first published on May 27, 2006 More
January 15, 2007 -- Guidry News Service, with the assistance of Webmaster Jason Adriance, has launched a new data-driven website,, The Online News Station. More
April 19, 1990 -- In a commentary on KGBC Jim Guidry commented on the emergence of democracy with legitimate elections in Europe following the collapse of Communism, in juxtaposition with frequent apathy by American voters. MP3
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