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May 5, 2018 Election Returns
Guidry News Forum
Ships Are Cool!!!
by Tammy Lobaugh
Thursday, May 18, 2017


U. S. Merchant Mariners have offered service to our country for over 242 years.  Mariners have bravely, honorably, and diligently served on and across waters since that very battle with the British. It is they that serve in both times of peace and war.  They who commonly are first faced with conflict, piracy, and other challenges all the while protecting our seas, faithfully delivering goods from one corner of the globe to the other.

Our continent is wrapped by shorelines; major oceans east and west, mighty chains of Great Lakes to the north, rivers, canals and inland waterways throughout and the massive and rich Gulf of Mexico wrapping the southern states with coastlines.  It is mariners who assist, deliver, protect and facilitate commerce and trade, national defense, homeland security, and offer corrective actions through salvage.

Seldom does one question how our morning coffee and newspapers reach our breakfast tables. Nor do we ponder the logistic chain involved in how apparel, imported chocolates, cheeses, liquors, and electronics reach our neighborhood merchants.  I dare to say that I cannot recall the last time fellow airline passengers cheered for 'jet fuel' as we taxied for take-off. 

The business of shipping is vital, and necessary.  Although this time honored profession is essential and well-orchestrated, it usually goes unnoticed, is misunderstood and is performed without much attention.  So then, how are our youth to aspire to these exciting educational, training, and career pathways if they are not even familiar with the maritime business? 

It was 1933 that Congress declared National Maritime Day to commemorate the day that the American steamship Savannah set sail from Savanah, Georgia on the first ever transoceanic voyage under steam power in 1819. Since then a Presidential proclamation has been issued each May 22nd and people are encouraged to display flags at home and businesses. 

Luncheons, forums, picnics and ceremonies will be hosted in ports from shore to shore. Monday, May 22nd your Galveston maritime community will once again pause to reflect with honor and gratitude to those who have served their country and crossed the bar, and to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions and successes of those mariners remaining on watch while welcoming, supporting, and mentoring the next wave of approaching professional mariners. 

We wish to personally invite you to join us on the historic shores of the oldest port in Texas, as the bow wakes cross in commemoration and celebration.  Join us at 3pm on Pier 21. Don’t forget to display your flag and thank a mariner! 

Ships Are Cool ~

Tammy Lobaugh

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