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Here's why I'm voting Republican this go 'round
Submitted by Harris "Shrub" Kempner, Jr.
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I typically vote in the Democrat primary. Not this time. There is one Republican race, in particular, in which I think the choice is crucial to our local needs and in which my vote has more effect than in many others.

I believe strongly that in the race for state representative District 23, Rep. Wayne Faircloth will represent local citizens, while his Republican opponent will represent the governor more than those who live here. Based on past District 23 voting history, the winner of this primary is very likely to win the general election.

I find that our present District 23 Representative Wayne Faircloth has consistently delivered for Galveston and Chambers counties and their cities in issues as separate as Pelican Island Bridge and flood control projects. He also voted against an on-going attempt by Governor Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick to put the state’s decisions above our local decisions.

Faircloth’s opponent, on the other hand, clearly favors the governor’s “State Uber Alles” program. He has publicly called for “abolishing” the property tax, (a locally levied tax), but hides the fact that the state would have to employ a state sales tax increase and/or a new state-dictated consumption tax to fill the gap.

Of course, these latter also disproportionately impact individuals while the change would relieve the property taxes on his oil business.

In my opinion, the newbie’s statements in his campaign indicate that he would primarily vote for whatever the governor wants and not care enough about what the local communities actually need. Contrarily, Faircloth has proven he will represent us.

If the election can be bought, Faircloth’s opponent will have purchased it. I am concerned enough about this choice to vote in the Republican primary for a change and to vote for Rep. Wayne Faircloth.

Harris “Shrub” Kempner, Jr. is president of Kempner Capital Management Inc.

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