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Washington D.C.
Cornyn: Democrats’ Character Assassination of Kavanaugh ‘Embarrassing’ to the Senate
Press Release
Wednesday, October 03, 2018

WASHINGTON – Today on the floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) highlighted the Democrats’ attempts to question Judge Kavanaugh’s character in order to delay his confirmation. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s floor remarks are below, and video can be found

“No one should be confused about this being a search for the truth. This is about search and destroy now.” 

“This idea that you can assassinate a man's character resulting in threats against his family, ruin his reputation and his future, and expect him to be a human punching bag and not respond forcefully, it's incredible to me.” 

“As a result of the mishandling of Dr. Ford's confidential letter to the Ranking Member, contrary to her wishes and without her consent leaked to the press, she has been thrust into this three-ring circus.” 

‘The idea that now this is has all come down to what somebody wrote in their high school yearbook is beyond parody. I mean, you can't make stuff like this up. And, we know the Judge is belligerent because he threw ice allegedly on somebody in a bar in college.” 

“We won't be able to recruit the best and brightest people to come serve in the judiciary or be subjected to this inquisition of a confirmation process.” 

“This is the opposite of the sort of fair and dignified process that we should be following.” 

“This is an embarrassing, disgraceful way for the Senate to conduct itself. We do not honor ourselves or this institution by handling this nominee like this and this nomination and these witnesses, including Dr. Ford, like this.” 

“I don't know what it's going to take for us to change, but one thing can't happen is we can't let these despicable tactics and this strategy win, because if they're able to destroy the reputation of a sitting judge based on such flimsy stuff, that means this same precedent will be applied to future nominees.” 

“The thing I hate most about Washington, D.C. and its insular culture is that some people don't just want to win the argument; some people don't want to just win the election or win the vote; they want to destroy their opposition, destroy them.” 

“We need to get the FBI report, and we need to vote. Because the longer this circus continues, the more embarrassing it becomes to the Senate and to the senators who work here.” 

Senator John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, is a member of the Senate Finance, Intelligence, and Judiciary Committees

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