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Washington D.C.
Babin’s Response to Trump’s State of the Union Address
News Release
Wednesday, February 06, 2019

“In tonight’s State of the Union address, President Trump discussed the progress we have made in two short years and the challenges ahead that we can overcome by ‘Choosing Greatness’. I was pleased with the plan he laid out to protect America’s workforce, strengthen national security, and revive our aging infrastructure.

“Perhaps most importantly, we must pursue a safe and legal immigration system. This issue affects every district in this nation. President Trump has repeatedly put forward clear plans to secure our border. Democratic leadership has adopted a strategy of obstruction, putting forward no plan other than open borders, mass amnesty, sanctuary cities and abolishment of law enforcement agencies like ICE. I am proud President Trump has been willing to seek compromise with the Democrats before acting unilaterally, and I hope the border security conference committee can put forward a plan.

“The President won his election by promising to protect American workers. Republicans want to empower individuals and businesses to increase competition and boost wages. On the other hand, Democrats want to flood our labor market and depress American wages with foreign workers, putting Americans out of work and increasing federal dependency. President Trump has shown the willingness and resolve to stand up to our more hostile trading partners who have long taken advantage of us. And he has made clear to our allies that we won’t continue to let our friends take advantage of us. We must continue to protect American workers.

“I’m pleased that rebuilding American infrastructure will continue as a priority for our President, who knows a thing or two about building. This traditionally is an area for bipartisanship, but the left flank of the Democrat Party is demanding Congress include unrelated and controversial provisions dealing with climate change in legislation such as highway bills. And their radical Green New Deal is a veiled attempt to punish American industry that would cause infrastructure to crumble. We must be bipartisan on the need to address our infrastructure needs.

“The need to lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs is another issue we can all agree upon. As Americans continue to suffer from the high costs and reduced treatment options of Obamacare, Republicans are offering free market solutions and common sense to increase the quality of care and lower costs. But Democrats refuse any modifications to this failing law. And we are fighting radical Democrat efforts to expand abortion up to and even beyond birth.

“Finally, the President laid out his strategy for protecting America’s national security. We should applaud the President for trying to ensure our allies meet their obligations and for setting realistic, achievable goals on the world stage. For us to seek bipartisan progress, Democrats must put an end their affiliations with radical terrorists who deny the right of our closest Middle East ally to exist and even want to wipe Israel off the map.

“In this Congress, I look forward to supporting the President in his bold efforts to seek the areas we can work together to ‘choose greatness’ and begin the work to build the America we know we can achieve. I am hopeful my colleagues on the other side of the aisle will reject the growing radicalism in their party and choose to work with the President. Thank you and may God bless America.”

Click here to view Dr. Babin’s video response.


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